Modern marketing departments have much richer data with which to target their audience and gauge the success of their methods. But doing so effectively requires a scientific approach - experimenting with different tactics and techniques, measuring the effect of each, and continuously optimizing budget allocations for maximum impact.

This eBook runs through the key steps needed to drive ROI across a marketing portfolio. Download our ebook to focus on these core strategies:

  • Optimizing omni-channel allocations: Treating marketing budgets like an investment portfolio – setting goals, selecting the right vehicles to attain those goals, and benchmarking performance to ensure you are on the right track.
  • Dissecting channel interactions: Maximizing the impact of search-based advertising by finding the right balance across offensive, battleground, and defensive searches.
  • Establishing the right KPIs: Finding the right mix of metrics to gauge marketing performance, not only looking at sales, but also traffic, exposure, brand voice, and market share.
  • Listening to the market: Monitoring user-generated feedback and content (including ratings, reviews, and social media posts) as a real-time barometer for brand strength.
  • Understanding consumers: Using technology to better understand your target market, including search behaviour, demand trends, geolocation factors, and customer profiles.
  • Choosing the right technology: Automating data pipelines, using AI to uncover valuable new insights, and making it easy to experiment and compose new workflows.